The objective of this article is to determine the effect of 12 months of WB-EMS exercise on muscle mass and total and regional fat in thin, non-sports and osteopenic women 70 years of age or older.

The main hypothesis was that WB-EMS training significantly affects total and regional muscle mass compared to a semi-active control. The secondary hypothesis was that WB-EMS training significantly affects both abdominal fat mass and (to a lesser extent) total body fat compared to a semi-active control.


76 thin, non-sport women of about 75 years or so were randomly assigned to a WB-EMS group (n = 38) that performed 18 minutes of WB-EMS at a frequency of 85 Hz, a pulse width of 350 us and a duty cycle of 6 seconds of electrical impulse and 4 seconds of rest in 3 sessions for 14 days (1.5 sessions / week) and on the other hand a semi-active control group (n = 38).

Body composition was evaluated by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and maximum strength was assessed by isometric techniques for the trunk and legs.


La masa del músculo esquelético apendicular no cambió significativamente en el grupo WB-EMS, pero disminuyó significativamente en el grupo control semi-activo. la masa corporal magra aumentó significativamente en el grupo WB-EMS y disminuyó en el grupo control. Las diferencias correspondientes entre los grupos WB-EMS y grupo control fueron significativas para ambos parámetros.


A WB-EMS program for 18 minutes / session, 3 sessions in 14 days, is effective in increasing muscle mass and is also safe and feasible, at least in a cohort of elderly people at risk of sarcopenia. Therefore, it is a suitable option for elderly subjects who seek to improve body composition and muscle strength in an appropriate way for independent and healthy aging.


Kemmler W ., Bebenek M. , Engelke K. ,y  von Stengel S. (2014). Impact of whole-body electromyostimulation on body composition in elderly women at risk for sarcopenia: the Training and ElectroStimulation Trial.  Age (Dordr), 36 (1): 395-406

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