Wiemspro Academy Team

At Wiemspro Academy we are committed to your training in the world of EMS. We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals to create content of interest, and with the appropriate scientific knowledge.

We work with high-level international trainers and researchers from various areas to be able to offer the best on the use of full-body electrostimulation.

Technical Director Wiemspro

Abraham Carlé

Director Product Development Wiemspro

Victor Fernández

Technical Staff & Master Trainer Wiemspro

Jon Cañedo-Arguelles

Francisco Amaro - Gahete Colaboration

His experience in the professional field of full-body electrostimulation led him to research on this subject to become one of the world’s benchmarks in this field.

Specialized in nutrient oxidation, physiological aging and effects of exercise on klotho protein. The lines of research developed in the field of full-body electrostimulation cover various types of populations and are based on the measurement of specific bio-markers.He is one of the leading professors at specialized symposia and conferences at an international level. Support the Wiemspro Academy by reviewing training content and participating as a collaborating teacher in several on-site and online courses.

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