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Formative Experience

Wiemspro offers you a comprehensive training experience in which online courses, webinars and face-to-face training are combined.

In this way we can put emphasis on different important aspects in the training of a professional, attending in a balanced way to both theory and practice.

In our face-to-face training, we invite different professors from the world of training and health to expose the different ways of integrating electrostimulation with different methodologies and intervention techniques.

In this way, each venue has its own character and a peculiarity that makes each event different.

Some of our trainings, presentations and events​

Sevilla Training​

Biomarkers And Health - Physiological Aging - Sports Performance

On February 23, 2019 a training session was held in which we brought the latest of the latest research and application of electro-stimulation.

We had great speakers such as Ángel Guitierrez, Abraham Carlé and Fran Amaro. Together with them we knew the new results of scientific research and ways to apply electrostimulation in health and sports performance contexts.

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Formación Sevilla 2019 by Wiemspro

ACSM 2018 – American College Of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting – Minneapolis (USA)​

We attended the most prestigious annual meeting in Sports Sciences world.

We’re visiting to Minneapolis with two clear goals. First, finding Wiemspro distributors for the different states of the United States. Our second goal is to show the Wiemspro System to the North American scientific-sports community.

In addition, we’ll exchange impressions with other companies in order to achieve effective synergies with them.

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2º International Electrostimulation Symposium - Portugal

The 2nd International Muscle Electrostimulation Symposium was in October 2018 in Porto, Portugal. The most important points of this event were:

1. Latest Research Trends. WB EMS as a safe and efficient tool – DR. Abraham Carlé.

2. Training with WB EMS and its impact on health markers – DR. Fran Amaro Gaete.

3. “From voluntary to involuntary contraction – evidence-based effectiveness” – Prof. DR. José Vilaça.

4. “Sports resume after ACL reconstruction: A leap in the dark?” – DR. Rogério Pereira.

5. Prevention of primary and secondary injuries – DR. Carlos Araujo.

6. Growth and profitability of EMS in Portugal and Europe – Dr. José Santos.

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Wiemspro II Simposio Internacional de Electroestimulación

1º International Electrostimulation Symposium - Portugal

The 1st International Muscle Electrostimulation Symposium was in October 2018 in Porto, Portugal. The most important points of this event were:

Our technical director Abraham Carlé (PhD in Biomedicine from the UGR) discussed topics such as “Present and future of electrostimulation”, “Electrostimulation, strength and hypertrophy” and “Training with electrostimulation in weight loss and toning”.

We also have Fran Amaro Gaete, project manager of the EFFECTS 262 research group at the University of Granada. Fran’s a world reference in the professional field of full body electrostimulation, and he spoke to us about “Electrostimulation as part of anti-aging treatment”, “Electrostimulation and runner parameters” and “Electrostimulation & HIIT”.

Wiemspro I Simposio Internacional de Electroestimulación

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