Adaptation to electrostimulation​​

It’s time to start!

People who are initiated in the world of training and electrostimulation have a series of spatial needs that we must take care of.

This planning is designed to help beginners be able to adapt to the electrical stimulus while learning the basic movement patterns.

The progression of the electrical stimulus and the exercises will help any person (without contraindications) to start training, regardless of their physical condition or previous experience.

Fat loss

We mixed several strategies: the increase in energy expenditure during the session, the increase in basal metabolism and the increase in muscle mass.The first sessions are suitable for inexperienced people. The hardness of the sessions increases gradually.

Strong Curves

This planning is specially designed for the female audience. In addition to the work of general strength and controlled impacts we have balanced the volume and proportion of certain exercises to help you achieve harmonious proportions (waist-hip ratio) and make emphasis in the most problematic areas of women aesthetically.

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