Wiemspro Workouts​

What are Wiemspro Workouts?

Wiemspro trainings are training programs in which all the elements that a coach must control are detailed.

Each program consists of 8 sessions, which are divided into 3 parts: warm-up, main part and return to calm.

At the start of each program we indicate the electrostimulation programs that you must create in each session. We have developed a progression in wave parameters with the intention of maximizing efficiency and safety during training.

Each session includes practical advice for its control and handling, illustrated exercises, technical advice in each exercise and the whole structure of the clear and detailed training.

The best thing is that you can consult the training from your own IPad on a single screen, so you can easily use them during your work.

At Wiemspro we strive to help you improve as a professional and with this in mind we have developed the Wiemspro Workouts.

fase de adaptacion

Adaptation Phase​

Designed for beginner users. It will allow you to make your client adapt to the training with electrostimulation while learning the basic patterns.

Fat loss​

Most clients of a fitness center need to meet this goal when they decide to start a training program. You'll find everything you need.


In this planning, an optimal percentage of fat is sought while taking care of the body proportions. You can find different needs for men/women.

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