Your quick start guide​

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide home page

The outcome of this guide is to help you start using your Wiemspro equipment as soon as possible follow these 5 simple steps:

Getting the client ready

Everything you need to know to correctly prepare your client for the workout.

Before the workout

How to use the equipment correctly, how to connect the device and how to start the workout from the program / application.

During the workout

What to keep in mind during the workout.

After the workout

How to stop the program, disconnect the device and remove the equipment.

At Wiemspro we strive to help you improve as a professional and with this in mind we have developed the "Wiemspro Training".

Warnings and FAQs

Here you’ll find the answer to the most common questions you may have. Remember to do the official certifications to cover all possible doubts.

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