Before using the Wiemspro System​

Make sure the suit is completely opened to facilitate to put it on: vest, leg loops, straps, etc.

Make sure the electrodes are correctly placed in the key areas of the core and quadriceps.

Make sure the connectors of the suit (white, gray and black connectors) are out to facilitate connectivity with the device main cable.

The main cable that connects to the device may have stiffness when connecting it. Do not worry, plug the connector firmly.

When the training starts, make sure the intensity bars for each muscle group are correctly leveled to avoid possible injury.

Make sure you have the right intensity for each type of client.

Workout finished. Pause the exercise and click the ON/OFF button on the device.

Remove user from training. Swipe left their profile + click on “Delete”. This step is mandatory to create workout reports.

Turn off the device and remove the cables.