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The use of WB EMS together with protein supplements improves body composition in older people with sarcopenia


The hypothesis of this study was to determine whether WB-EMS with protein supplementation significantly improves local sarcopenic obesity by increasing muscle mass volume and decreasing fat volume compared to a control group.


Subjects in this study were divided into a group with WB-EMS + Protein Supplementation (n = 24) and a control group (n = 24).

A 16-week intervention period was applied without intermittent breaks. A moderate / high dose of protein was included in combination with WB-EMS applying 1.5 times x 20 min per week. On the other hand, the control group received no intervention and was asked to maintain their normal lifestyle.

A protocol was used using a bipolar electric current with a frequency of 85 Hz, a pulse width of 350 us and a work cycle of 4 seconds of duration of the electrical impulse and 4 seconds of rest.

The sessions consist of performing 10 to 14 dynamic exercises structured in one or two series of eight repetitions.


Muscle mass increased significantly in the WB-EMS group with protein supplementation and was maintained in the control group. On the other hand, body fat volume was maintained in the WB-EMS group with protein supplementation and an increase in the control group.


WB-EMS with protein supplementation is a reasonable and effective option for increasing muscle mass and maintaining body fat in older men with sarcopenic obesity.


Wolfgang Kemmler., Alexandra Grimm., Michael Bebenek., Matthias Kohl. and Simon von Stengel. Effects of Combined Whole-Body Electromyostimulation and Protein Supplementation on Local and Overall Muscle/Fat Distribution in Older Men with Sarcopenic Obesity: The Randomized Controlled Franconia Sarcopenic Obesity (FranSO) Study.  (2018) Calcified Tissue International.  103:266–277.

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